Youyeetoo X1 - FAQ Summary

A summary of some frequently asked questions.

Q: I wanted to ask how do you get into the BIOS on your X1 x86 single board computer. Do I press & hold the F2 key during the boot up sequence?

A: By pressing the ESC key continuously until you enter BIOS mode.

Q: Does youyeetoo X1 support battery power?

A: Yes. Input range of voltage is 11V-16V. Recommended 12V.

Power supply interface:

  1. DC socket: 5525 Jack(5.5mm x 2.5mm) , Recommended power adapter 12V3A
  2. XH2.54 2PIN Power socket


More can be found in the schematic:

the JST XH2.54 2PIN found here

or here:

seems larger than the Power socket on the card, that according to CharlesChen should be a XH2.54 2PIN …

Would you know what is the real port standard that one should use to plug a battery ?

Hello on my card, the Red connecter is the same as the yellow SPK (speaker) connector,
Wouldn’t it be a JST SH1.0 1.0mm rather the theorical XH2.54 connector you claim it is ?

Thanks for pointing that out and I’m sorry.
In the process of configuring the cables for the X1, I did notice that a portion of the red connector were being used with the PH2.0 specification.

Regarding the spacing of the connector, a simple assessment can be made:

  1. if the red and yellow connector are the same size, then it’s spacing is PH2.0.
  2. if the red connector is larger than the connector terminal, then the pitch is XH2.54.

XH2.54, PH2.0 differentiation and expansion switch modification. As shown

Thanks for the explainations.