Youyeetoo X1 external power button?

Hello, I have a Youyeetoo X1 and would like to add a external power button that will cleanly shutoff my Linux OS when pressed.

How would you recommend I do this?

Please check this link.

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Thank you! What type of six pin connector should be used?

the x1 already has a power button on the side

True but it more of a power disconnect. I need to safely shutdown the board.

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The pin in the PH2.0 6PIN connector is the same electrical pin as the power button next to it.

On windows, you can change the function of the power button by setting the function of the button, such as not doing anything, turning off the computer, turning off the screen, etc.

On linux, you can first refer to

Finally, you can consider customizing the functionality you want by detecting the state of the GPIOs, either through scripts or code.

Tips: there is a possibility that this method may not be prioritized enough by the system.