[ENC1-V2] How to flash the firmware:

  1. Prepare a USB flash drive, format it as FAT32, and create a single partition (a USB flash drive that has been used as a system installation disk may have a hidden boot partition that needs to be repartitioned).
  2. Extract all the firmware files for the corresponding model to the root directory of the USB flash drive.
  3. With the encoder powered off, insert the USB flash drive into the USB port of the encoder.
  4. Press and hold the “DEF” button on the encoder (a toothpick is needed), and then turn on the encoder power.
  5. Release the DEF button when you see the “UPDATING” prompt on the OLED screen or the “System upgrading” prompt on the HDMI.
  6. Wait for the firmware update to complete (the OLED screen displays the logo or the HDMI displays the logo).
  7. After the system firmware update, the default IP address will be restored to For firmware packages for multiple models, you need to manually visit http://IP/fac.php after logging in, select and switch to your corresponding model, and then restart.

Note: The figure below is only a schematic diagram of ENC5. Other models cannot select ENC5. For example, ENC2 should select ENC2, ENC1-V2 should select V2 (ENC1V2), and ENC1 should select EX2 (ENC1).

Firmware Download

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