YY3568 windows 10/11?

Hi everyone!

Id like to purchase either a youyeetoo x1 for windows or a YY3568 for windows,
the YY3568 is literally perfect for my needs and would love to figure out how i can install windows on it as its only meant to view lan streams not for any gaming.

Im going to stream video .h265 from a host pc and send the video via lan to the client SBC since YY3568 can decode video at 4k60, does this SBC not support windows?

Thanks guys, talk soon.

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the yy 3568? is that the arm board? if so and u want windows use the x1. windows supoport on arm boards isnt fully there yet and lacks some driver support

YY3568 does not support Windows systems.

If you have the need to use window system on arm, and also have the development skills, you can consider choosing our youyeetoo R1 and this project :https://worproject.com/guides/how-to-install/on-rockchip
But running window on arm is not very mature, please consider carefully.

I recommend you to choose youyeetoo X1.