YY3568 Connector/ cable

I purchased the rockchip development board from you on Amazon. It looks good except for two things. 1: I cannot find the correct connectors for the “fan” and “ir” I have spent hours looking. All of the other connectors on the board were easy to find. If you have the female connectors, I only need two of them. 2: Do you have any compiled copies of the operating system? I have a serious problem downloading and I would be incredibly helpful if you had something on CD / DVD. I will pay for the media and shipping. Thank you

Thank you for your reply. I found it on my own.

Actually I did not find it. I will attach an invoice so you can see the order. If possible, I would like to obtain a compiled copy of the OS on any storage media like DVD. I have a major issue with downloading corrupted files. I will reimburse you of course. Also the connectors. Can you give me a model/make?

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Hi, the connector specification is 1.25 PH 3pin. This should be easy to find on Amazon. As for the firmware you need for your operating system, you can find a variety of operating systems on our WIKI: YY3568 | youyeetoo wiki. Hope this solves your problemand and look forward to your reply.