Youyeetoo X1 sbc 4G LTE

Hi There,
love your video on the N5105 Single Board Computer

I was thinking about the (X1(8GB RAM+128GB eMMC) for 149.00

I work with linux desktops, never did raspberry pi.

Does this board have a bios screen to change the boot order to usb?

Next, Do you folks sell a 4g lte board with a sim card slot?

I’m thinking about trying to make a cell phone out of this.

maybe dual booting into Windows with Blue stacks emulation to run
android , for apn settings and a dialer.

Oh one more… are touch screens available for this?
Megawatts of thank you’s


Hi Brian,

Have you checked the videos posted on our forum and YouTube?

The youyeetoo x1 is a development board and an industrial controller. The 4G LTE you need can be supported.

We also offer a MIPI-DSI based touch screen, and if you want to use a USB+HDMI touch screen combo that is also supported.

Overall, for the most part, you just need to focus on your application side.

Best Regards