YDLIDAR FAQ & Solutions

YOLIDAR FAQ & Solutions

1. The USB serial port cannot be recognized
(1) Check whether the serial port driver is installed
(2) Check whether the radar is connected properly
(3) Check whether the USB adapter board is damaged
2. The client point cloud display is stuck
(1) The power supply of the radar is abnormal, and the auxiliary power supply needs to be connected.
(2) It is not recommended to use a power bank for auxiliary power supply
(3) Radar firmware update
3. ROS starts abnormally
(1) Check whether the launch configuration is correct and modify it
(2) Check the radar power supply, or connect to the auxiliary power supply
4. How to control the radar speed
(1) G series can be adjusted by command
(2) X series speed regulation by PWM or voltage
5. There are abnormal points and noise points displayed in the point cloud of the client
(1) Whether there is strong light or mirror surface on the radar scanning plane
(2) Whether the radar scanning plane has the same type of radar
6. Can the radar detect black objects?
(1) Non-mirror detection of common black objects
7. The radar suddenly has no data output, and the speed becomes faster
(1) Make sure that the radar data cable connection is firm and not loose
(2) Ensure that the power supply voltage is stable and the power supply is normal
8. How to correct the deviation of radar zero angle
(1) Mechanical calibration, adjust the radar installation position
(2) Software calibration, client calibration tool calibration
9. Failed to compile YDLIDAR_ DEMO under VS
(1) The platform working set needs to correspond to the compilation time
(2) Detect the serial port number and baud rate
10. Recommended development platform
(1) SLAM recommends ARM+Linux development platform
(2) , the basic point cloud acquisition and obstacle avoidance can choose a single-chip microcomputer with a higher frequency, such as STM32