X1 usb Windows 10 boot failure

ive purchased 2-X1s. One is in a failer loop after trying to boot the widows 10 software on a Rooted USB.

My first x1 allowed me to do this and access windows. After bios updat that system runs but no longer has video output. I’m also unable to open bios and or view.

With regard to installing win10, Can you find emmc in bios?

If yes, it is possible that the win10 complete image has not been downloaded.
Please try to download the test again when the network is stable.

Are you updating BIOS according to this tutorial?
Can you provide some gif or pictures or videos about this?


Yes emmc is in bios.

I tried to download windows 10 4 times ( but could be what you suggested )

I’m going to try to install from Microsoft presuming I’ll need to do a driver update on this,

Update bios- Yes fallowed them directly, as of now this one’s way out side of my experience. Im trying to find a Computer Technician for it.

If you have successfully installed Microsoft’s system and need to update your drivers, please refer to these tutorials below:


Video shared by Kio

Based on your feedback, we’ve been validating the script for one-click driver installation. Look forward to our videos.