X1 doesn't turn ON

My X1 SBC suddenly stopped powering ON. Same power supply, same everything and there are 12v to the power pins… but it just no longer turns on. Any suggestions for how to debug this? Can I check the regulator on the board (if so, which chip is it?)? Worth trying to power with POE? Is there a fuse/zero ohm resister on the board I should check?


Can you please provide some pictures of what size the X1 is?

Our wiki provides schematics and part location diagrams, please check them out:

Sure, here is a picture. I did have a look at the schematics but couldn’t see a voltage regulator that I recognised.

You can search for +VBATA

Ah that’s great - thanks!

Can the power indicator light of X1 still light up after you power on? Is there an RTC battery installed? If the power indicator light can light up, reinstall a system and try it out