Windows 11 Installer Looks to be Broken 1x x86 board

I have downloaded the win 10 and win 11 installers and the win 10 works as expected but the win 11 install gets a few errors and fails while running the main.cmd file.

Can you share a img or video? to make it easier for us to help you with your problem.

i did a work around and have it going… I created the usb boot device for win10 then i copied the .wim file from the win11 boot disk to the win 10 boot disk and renamed it to the name of the win 10 wim file.

after that no issues win11 installs fine. you need to review your deployment file main.cmd on the win11 disk image and find why its tossing the error.

i did not want to continue debugging the batch file and settled with the work around

thank you

main.cmd is different only here.

If you can boot successfully through the Win10 image, it’s probably because the Win11 image you downloaded is incomplete.

I have downloaded your win11.rar ( file from your repository if it is not complete then i would say that needs to be corrected.

Im sure its not intentional but all of your responses for the 2 items i have reported have been blame ridden and you have not taken ownership of either of the issues and have not provided solutions to either of them as well…

would you not agree providing a possible remediation would be a better way to work with your customer base.

do you have an alternate location for the win11 install files. or only the one linked to from your site

There are actually 2 differences. I’m guessing the disk type item might break if the wrong media was used .m2 vs ssd hd

the disk type had to change from 0 to 1 as the defaulted config in the main.cmd would not work and would fail. after that one change it works…

might want to update your win11.rar file to have that change so others do not get stuck…

other wise im just down to teh 1 problem now of the bios screen hdmi drivers not correctly working with 2 of my 3 monitors. the only one it works correctly on is a display port monitor that i use a passive hdmi to display port converter… so i believe that there is a issue that could be resolved with the correct screen drivers or configuration in the bios…

as described in my other thread…

Paul V

Based on your feedback, I’ve made the wiki alerts more visible.



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That should help clear it up… But i would also set both installs to the same type one or the other just not different… it added to the confusion.

Thank you for making that change…