Which connector for the FAN socket?

I recently purchased a YY3568 board, and am working on a custom box. Unfortunately, I’m having great difficulty determining which connectors are used on the board for this purpose. Searching around on the forum, I came across the mention of a “1.25 PH 3pin” connector, so naturally I contacted the company “Shenzhen Green Technology co., LTD” which offered me this type of connector, as the above mention doesn’t seem quite right. Can anyone tell me if one of these connectors matches the one on the product?

Thanks in advance.

GH 1.25mm (With buckle)

Okay thanks you, can you confirm that this plug can only supply 3.3V?

You can modify the voltage supplied to suit the situation.

So I can technically use 5V?

No, the voltage is now 12V.
If you want to use 5V, you need to adjust the circuit yourself.


  1. reduce 12V to 5V by means of resistor divider.
  2. directly replace 12V to 5V by jumper wire.

Note: If you don’t know about the circuit, it is recommended that you use a 12V fan.

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Okay, thanks you for your reponse !