Where to find ImageBuilder for friendlyarm,nanopi-r5c

I downloaded the ImageBuilder from here;

Building from the above using the “friendlyarm_nanopi-r5c” profile gives me this error;

# sysupgrade -T nanopi-r5c-2024-02-03.bin.gz
Sun Feb  4 08:14:17 CST 2024 upgrade: Device friendlyelec,nanopi-r5c not supported by this image
Sun Feb  4 08:14:17 CST 2024 upgrade: Supported devices: friendlyarm,nanopi-r5c
Sun Feb  4 08:14:17 CST 2024 upgrade: Reading partition table from bootdisk...
Sun Feb  4 08:14:17 CST 2024 upgrade: Reading partition table from image...
Partition layout has changed. Full image will be written.

I found the SDK but I need the ImageBuilder.

All unsupported?

Have you tried another build of the mirror?


This cannot work for me as I have custom files to add into my builds.
Is there any version of openwrt that runs on this model that has ImageBuilder available, that is my question.

OpenWrt, as far as I know is the only OS that can do in-place upgrades of new firmware.
In-place means the upgrade is done from the live running OS, like ‘sysupgrade’ and ‘mtd’.

Is there any other OS that runs on this that can do that?

Figured it out. Use the openwrt repo for this device but be sure to use the .gz version you create otherwise it’s too large.

Yes. I did notice your post.
I’m logging it here so that this issue can be resolved.

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Thank you. There is another problem however. The eflasher is not using the full eMMC. It’s only using 8GB of it making sysupgrades impossible so far.

I’ll post a new question about this.