What is difference between ENC5 and ENC5-V2

I am looking to buy a 5 channel encoder and have seen two versions. What are the differences between the ENC5 and ENC5-V2. Is it worth it to get V2?

Different chips, different processing power.

ENC5 can do up to 12-channel 1080P@30 encoding and decoding, ENC5-V2 can only do up to 8-channel 1080P@30 encoding and decoding.

ENC5 chip has been discontinued a few years ago, so our supply is not very stable, ENC5-V2 is made with the latest HISI chip, now the supply of HISI chip is sufficient, so the supply of ENC5-V2 will be very stable.

So the ENC5 is better than the ENC5-V2? If both were the same price I should buy the ENC5? Even though the V2 has a newer processor?