What connector is recommended for UART3?

What connector is recommended for 6-pin UART3 socket on the X1? I have an RS232 serial port board that I would like to connect. The serial port board came with 6-wire female Dupont connectors. The connectors are too wide to fit into the UART3 socket on the X1, so I need to find a connector that will fit the socket and also the RS232 board. Included are a couple of photos – one of the RS232 board and one of the connectors it came with. Thanks!

2.54mm pin pitch.
Correct: 2.00mm pin pitch
We will have a full line of cables available after the holidays.

The following is for your reference:


Thank you. Happy New Year!

2.54mm connectors are too large to fit. A 6-pin 2.54 connector is both too long AND too wide to fit the 6-pin UART connector on the X1. Do you have another suggestion? Thanks.

Sorry, corrected to 2.0mm.