[Virtualization] Proxmox in X1

I would like to ask you if it possible to install proxmox in Youyeetoo X1. Does it support VT-x, VT-d. I think so, but I want to confirm it.

Also, one more question about m.2 wifi. Do you also sell those modules RTL8822CE or RTL9852BE. I can´t find it. Where can I buy it. Does these modules work as access point with OpenWrt installed on this board? Do you have any informations?

We haven’t tested PVE yet, but the product is virtualization-enabled.

Purchase link for the wifi module.

If you need other accessories, check out the link to our ecosystem.

Yes, it can. I am running it on a 2TB NVMe, and it’s working very nicely. I’ve got a video coming soon.

Here is the video that I have promise for Proxmox on the X1.