Unable to Transfer Code (Script) Onto YahBoom K210 Developer Kit Board


(1.) Hi, there.

(2.) Unsuccessful in transferring code (script) to YahBoom K210 Developer Kit Board.

(3.) CanMV IDE

(4.) Error code was “Save File - CanMV IDE Create File Failed. -1” for all of the following attempts:

(4a.) Tools > Save open script to CanMV Cam (as main.py) > Yes

(4b.) Tools > Save open script to CanMV Cam (as main.py) > No

(4c.) Tools > Save open script to CanMV Cam (as boot.py) > Yes

(4d.) Tools > Save open script to CanMV Cam (as boot.py) > No

(5.) Essentially the same result using MAixPy IDE: received error code; no luck with transferring the code (script) to the YahBoom K210 Developer Kit Board.

(6.) Which steps should be used to transfer the code (script) onto the YahBoom K210 Developer Kit Board?

(7.) Thanks.

(8.) Toodles!

Hi You are not using CANMV, you can refer to this link.

7. Python-Development environment setup


(1.) Hi, there.

(2.) Yes, I am using CanMV IDE for the YahBoom K210 Developer Kit board device, and CanMV IDE will not load/transfer the code script onto the board device——regardless of selecting the main.py option or the boot.py option.

(3.) Only mentioned MAixPy IDE because that, too, failed to load the code script onto the YahBoom K210 Developer Kit board device.

(4.) Also, OpenMV IDE was unsuccessful loading the code script onto the YahBoom K210 Developer Kit board device.

(5.) As anyone can appreciate, I very much need the code script to run on the board device without it being tethered to the laptop.

(6.) Thanks.

(7.) Toodles!

(8.) Here is the code script by AirPocket Soundman,

, which I modified for the YahBoom K210 Developer Kit board device, that:

(8a.) runs well, EXCEPT FOR the absolutely horrible whitewashing that I cannot figure out how to correct or get rid of

(8b.) refuses to load onto the board device

#v204 The comments were translated into English.
#v203 Corrected comment.
#v202 Changed heap mem size.
#v201 Qiita version
#v200 The magnification rate of the sound pressure map was changed with the lens change.

from Maix import MIC_ARRAY as mic
from Maix import FPIOA
from fpioa_manager import fm
import lcd
import sensor
import gc

from Maix import utils #For checking and setting heap mem usage
utils.gc_heap_size(2500000) #Heap mem heap setting. Increased volume is required to process soundmap images stretched to 480*480.

lcd.direction(lcd.YX_LRDU) #Used in combination with hmirror and vflip to align soundmap and camera image orientation.
sensor.set_auto_gain(1) #Automatic gain should enabled.
sensor.set_auto_whitebal(1) #Auto WB should also be enabled.

Fpioa = FPIOA()
LEDdir = (100,100,100) #LED indicator display on the microphone array module, with RGB brightness set from 0-255. Not needed because of glare.

#YahBoom K210 Developer Kit
Fpioa.set_function(23, fm.fpioa.I2S0_IN_D0);
Fpioa.set_function(22, fm.fpioa.I2S0_IN_D1);
Fpioa.set_function(21, fm.fpioa.I2S0_IN_D2);
Fpioa.set_function(20, fm.fpioa.I2S0_IN_D3);
Fpioa.set_function(19, fm.fpioa.I2S0_WS);
Fpioa.set_function(18, fm.fpioa.I2S0_SCLK);
Fpioa.set_function(25, fm.fpioa.GPIOHS28);
Fpioa.set_function(24, fm.fpioa.GPIOHS27);

while True:

img = sensor.snapshot()                         #Get camera image.

soundmap = mic.get_map()                        #Estimated position of the sound source from the microphone array in 16*16pixel grayscale.
sounddir = mic.get_dir(soundmap)                #Find sound source direction from soundmap.
mic.set_led(sounddir,(LEDdir))                  #Light up the LEDs on the microphone array module.
soundmap = soundmap.copy((2,4,12,8))            #Cut out the center 8*6 pixcel to match the picture scale of the sound map to the camera.
soundmap = soundmap.resize(320,240)             #Enlarge sound map to 320*240pixel to match camera image
maskmap = soundmap.copy()                       #Create mask-like image when combining soundmap and camera image
maskmap = maskmap.binary([(1,255)])             #Binarize maskmap to mask.
soundmap = soundmap.to_rainbow(1)               #Change soudnmap to rainbow color.
img.blend(soundmap,alpha = 150,mask = maskmap)  #By using a mask, only the sound detection portion of the sound map can be overlaid on the camera image. 
                                                #The higher the alpha value, the fainter the sound is displayed.


Hi, we do not provide support for the YahBoom K210 Developer Kit.
Could you please check the link in my last reply.
There it teaches you how to use it.
Thank you!