Unable to install proxmox or ubuntu

No matter what I’ve tried, both fail once they get to the partitioning stage. I’ve tried multiple different SSDs, currently a 980Pro. But no luck.

Is there anything special I need to be doing for SSD?

You might want to check with Chuck. @TerrorPUP :grinning:

@CharlesChen, you beat me too it. I was going to post my video as well.

Meanwhile, when you say you tried different SSD, do you mean M.2 NVMe and not M.2 SATA? I only ask be cause because there are two types of storage, SATA means B Key, and the X1 uses NVMe Storage, which are M Key, I think you mean NVMe as you do have a Samsung 980B listed in your post.

Let’s do a check, sorry if I am going over things you have or have tired.

First you have Proxmox on a USB Flash Drive?
You have your NVMe installed, and you have logged into the bios to make sure the board see it?

Powered off, you place your flash drive into a usb port, that you have installed storage and power on the X1 and when you see the logo, press delete to go into the bios. Once there go to the boot tab and select your the usb with your proxmox installer. Save and exit.

If done right, it will now boot from your USB and you can install from the USB to your NVMe Storage. Once done it will reboot, remove the USB Drive. When the logo comes up again, please go back into bios and select your NVMe storage to boot from, it not it will default to the eMMC to boot from.

Again, @CharlesChen posted my video, it’s great place to start from, I hope what I posted here helps as well. Please let me know if you have any questions.