The x1 can be used with a NT35532 mipi driver display?

Hi, I want to buy a X1 but first I want to know if it can directly drive a NT35532 screen without a controller board
I found this 7 inch 1080x1920 capacitive touch screen on Aliexpress and I think it would be a perfect match for the X1

7 Inch 1920x1080 Touch Screen Display Raspberry Pi 3 4 TV BOX GAME BOX Robot Nvidia MIPI LCD Panel

My question is Can it be used on the X!?


No.Please refer to the schematic and write your own driver.

you may need to build a adapter board and write a new BIOS yourself

So for the R1 and/or X1 computer to drive an LCD, the LCD itself must have its own controller board — or does the computer’s CSI MIPI interface have a controller built in?