StarFive has Ported Real-Time Kernel Patches to Debian on VisionFive 2

StarFive software team has recently successfully ported real-time kernel patches to the Debian OS on VisionFive 2, providing developers with the option to achieve real-time performance in a Linux environment.

RT-Linux is a real-time operating system based on the Linux kernel. It is an extension and modification of the standard Linux kernel to provide hard real-time performance and predictability. Compared to standard Linux, RT-Linux has stricter timing constraints and lower latency. It can achieve microsecond-level task response time and precise time management, making it suitable for applications that require high real-time performance, such as industrial automation, robot control, and embedded systems.

Data has shown that this greatly enhances the system’s real-time capabilities:
This table shows that the system has significantly improved latency under different workloads compared to the mainline kernel after incorporating real-time patches.

Related code will be released as a patch later.

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