Some more questions about L1 3d 4d


Getting it to work on Windows is really easy, but extracting the point cloud through the SDK is something where I am completely lost. The truly interesting part for me is being able to move the laser around the house or stage and extract a point cloud that I can combine with photogrammetry(like with the only Linux based Slam system in your website) but I am an environment artist for film and I usually work with larger laser scanners, so I am not familiar with SDK environments or Ubuntu. Do you have any videos explaining how to install the software on Linux Ubuntu and how to extract the point cloud, or could you help me in some way to do it, please? It would be truly helpful.

On the other hand, I would like to set up this system connected to a small Chinese GPD laptop that I have, and I was wondering if I could replace the charger or power transformer with a battery that provides 12 volts so that I can move freely without having to use a plug. I am also having some problems because the sensor generates a lot of vibration when rotating, and when placed on any surface, it vibrates and moves, so I would like to know if you could recommend a way to mount this on a tripod, what base I can use to anchor it?

I would be very thank ful if you could help menor give me some tips about this. Could it be possible please?

Download the SDK package and refer to the file.


Online Download or Google Drive

It can be powered by batteries.

option 1:Cut the wires here for an external 12V mobile power supply. Wire sequence reference:

option 2:Select a 12V lithium battery for the power supply.
Something like this.

DC 3.5x1.35mm

Secure the bottom. Or counteract the force of the wobble.