SD Card Not Detected

I bought the B01 ( and I flashed the OS using instructions on this link (Sub Kit Nano Flash Process.pdf - Google Drive). I inserted my working micro SD card in the slot under the heat sink and it is not being picked up on Jetson’s side. When I open disks, my SD card doesn’t show up. Running dmesg and lsblk before and after insertion makes no difference which makes it clear that it’s not being picked up. I think I read it somewhere that you need to tweak some dts file but I’m not sure, Can you give me some clear instructions on what to do to enable the micro SD card slot?

Please follow the steps 1-9 of this tutorial and try to solve it.

Unfortunately I have the same issue. I flashed my Nano and now my SD-card reader is not working anymore. I can´t read any SD-card.
Do you provide some driver for it, or how can I solve this`??

Hi, we maintain a wiki specifically for this, please try to solve your problem through it. You are also welcome to ask us any questions you may encounter during the course of your use.

Ok, thanks, Unfortunately nothing happens after I set the recovery mode with the jumper. The terminal window does not pop up.
I can see the nano with lsusb in the devices list…but how to connect in terminal?

And could you please give me a more specific answer which part from the Wiki I have to follow? Do I have to go all the points just to enable the card-reader? Or only a specific point? Thanks!

It may be that the SD card reader is broken, you can try another card reader.
If you want to upgrade the firmware through a virtual machine, if the virtual machine cannot connect to the device, you can click Virtual Machine -> Removable Device in the upper left corner to see if you can find NVDIA Linux for Tegra and click Connect to connect to the virtual machine. However, you can upgrade the firmware through the SDK manager firmware upgrade and SD card boot chapters in the Wiki.
Note: The version of Ubuntu is 18.04, not 20.04 and above

Thanks, but why should I update the firmware from the jetson? Are there additional driver for this card reader included?
nvidia told me that they don´t support natively a card reader in the 4gb nano. They told that the vendor must send me a customized BSP for this board.

If your nano cannot recognize the SD card, you need to modify the device tree, and then burn the modified device tree firmware into nano, and then you can recognize your SD card. Please watch the SD card chapter in the Wiki, which solves this problem.