Running from SD/TF card, USB SSD etc


is it possible to boot and run this device from other types of storage than the internal emmc storage? I mean like SD cards, USB SSD drives and so on.
Like Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, Khadas devices do…

Thank you

Debian system supports booting from SD card

Ok, thank you. How would one do this?

It’s not as easy as burning your img file to an SD card and plugging it into the device.

Do you have documentation for how to do this?

I’d very much be interested in knowing whether there is a U-Boot or other bootloader that allows for booting from a network, in the way x86 PCs boot using PXE. I’ve been looking for a dual ethernet board that can be used in this way.

Is there now, or is it planned to have Buildroot or Yocto support for this board?

Hello if you mean NFS ?

There are no plans to develop buildroot and Yocto for the time being.
If you have a need for bulk orders, we can develop them especially for you.

No, NFS is not the same thing. PXE allows the bootloader to download the kernel and root filesystem and device tree blobs from a tftp server at boot time. Very handy for easy upgrade to installations of many systems, or for doing kernel development where frequent reboots are necessary.

PXE emulation can be and frequently is built into U-boot binaries, but requires some one-time only configuration in the U-boot environment to get it set up.

Notice that the RK356X u-boot has commands with PXE.

To use it, please check our Debian source code.
The part about u-boot.

README.pxe and README.distro in the u-boot/doc/ directory

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