[ROM] AndroidTV Pie Custom firmware by mo123

this firmware work on rockpi 4B/4B+

Changelog v1.7 ROM

  • Remove the Setup screen so users in China(and elsewhere) can also use the ROM
  • Update video codecs and GPU drivers
  • Add YUV422 10-bit color options
  • Update Nova, Kodi 18.7 and other apps
  • Fix fake wifi as ethernet, 192kbps flac support, volume menu timeout 3 seconds if accessibility service enabled, long press back on recent apps screen to close all apps or long press ok on a window to close it.
  • Improve responsiveness and speed
  • Update TWRP to V3.3.1.0
  • TvSettings Support mouse operation with ethernet settings
  • TunerSettings add Network Adb Setting
  • Add Filelinked App Store to easily install popular apps.
    Use code 17 76 76 76 (easy to remember :slight_smile: )
  • Add Settings app for phone launchers
  • Fix widgets on phone launchers
    After installing and opening your launcher:
    Open Terminal app and type without quotes ‘su’ then Enter then '/system/bin/widget and press Enter again. Widgets should work now for around 30 popular launchers by default.
    If not working, tell me your launcher name then I’ll tell you how to fix it.

To set a different launcher:
Use TvSettings - Tuner Settings - Home - Choose your launcher and then press the home button on your remote.
You can also use YoWindow for interesting live or static desktop wallpaper.
Preferred phone launchers are Zim(better and open-source) or Nova(more options) Launcher.
For Zim Launcher, swipe from the left side on the homescreen for extra settings and to set wallpaper or long press on the homescreen to set wallpapers, app icons can easily be dragged from the Appdrawer to the homescreen too.
For Nova Launcher, you have to search for an app in the Appdrawer’s Search bar and long press it to be able to drag it or it’s widget to the homescreen.

Download link (gpt image) Flash with etcher:
Pass: radxa

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