Rock 3A Rockchip RK3568 8GB Connect to Windows, USB device not recognized

Purchased from Amaon, [Rock 3A Rockchip RK3568 64bit Quad Core Based Single Board Computer for Edge Development (Rock 3A Kit 8GB RAM)]

  1. connect USB (blue port) to windows 10 which has the Driver Assistant installed ( tried version from to
  2. use type-c usb cable to connect with a power supply,
  3. Board light shows green( not blinking)
  4. check windows device mananger, no any usb devices show up
  5. open the driver assistant, also didn’t detect this usb device
    please identity this problem, and give us feedbacks or helps

and additional question is that this board supports Huawei Open Harmoney OS or not?

1,this board is not support the Huawei Open Harmoney OS.
if you want to buy some board support this OS,please see this Link:

2, the ROCK3A is a board without EMMC ONBOARD, need you insert the TF storage or the emmc module , then you CAN install Android OS or linux,

  1. ROCK 3A WIKI in this Link:
    Rock3/3a - Radxa Wiki

please read.