[Release] Tinker Board Debian OS V2.1.16

Tinker Board Debian OS V2.1.16

Release Notes

  1. Fix the flickering issue for IMX219 in full size mode
  2. Fix the issue that channel halted with unknown reason for dwx2 USB host
  3. Fine tune TX/RX delay for RK3288 LAN and RGMII driving for RTL8211E.
  4. Fix the issue that noise occurs when playing 24bits 96KHz WAV file.
  5. Resolve the failure to saveenv for u-boot when booting up from eMMC
  6. Enable kernel setting for adjusting HDMI brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue
  7. Build in driver for DS3231 RTC module
  8. Support ASUS USB BT500 (RTL8761BU) dongle
  9. Fix SPI issue to support Waveshare-Expansions.
  10. Improve HDMI compatibility.

ab95580acca138d9d59418006dfb7a65ae6ab8e970d75c782b86fc5e498e4bc9 (zip)

Download link:

Old V2.1.11: tinkerboarding.co.uk