R4SE image download

I’m trying to download the image file for R4SE to flash friendlywrt to emmc over an A-to-A USB cable directly. The file name is “rk3399-usb-friendlywrt-22.03-20230524.img.gz”
It cannot be found in the Google Drive. It appears to be available in the 百度网盘, but I am not able to download it because I’m located outside of mainland China.

Is there a way for me to get this image file to update my newly acquired R4SE?


Hi, I don’t see a single unified firmware for the USB wire brush, it seems to have only partition images. Can you give me the link to the 百度网盘 you saw? I’ll see if I can transfer it to Google drive.

Today I got an SD card and flashed the file rk3399-eflasher-friendlywrt-22.03-20230314.img, which I found on the Google Drive. Now, I am running version 22.03.3 (March 2023) from the eMMC.
So far so good.

However, it looks like the Baidu Cloud Drive has a more updated FriendlyWrt version from May 2023. In comparison, the Google Drive only has March 2023 versions. I do see the file “rk3399-eflasher-friendlywrt-22.03-20230524.img.gz” in the 02-SD-to-eMMC folder on Baidu Cloud Drive. Could you copy it to the Google Drive?


We will process your request as soon as possible

Any update on when I can expect the updated image?

Total lack of support

Hello, I apologize for the late response. We thought we had resolved your issue. I will review the current information and provide you with a reply. Thank you.

I thought this might help.

Thank you. This works.