[R2Pro] Mainline Linux Support

i’ve sent out the first Series for Mainline Support in Linux Kernel

Patchwork - Bpi-R2-Pro basic Support

in my repo i have working:

  • GMAC1 needs rtl8367 driver (DSA driver on the way ), or if ready a modification for mt7531
  • USB3/SATA needs NANENG CombPhy Driver to be merged first, V7 needs some redesign, so this will take a while
  • PCIe is partially working (only after second bootup, maybe some clock issue), but needs pciev3 driver and bifurcation Patches
  • rtc and reset switch are reported broken in my board version. Rtc is added,but i can not verify function
  • functions on gpio header are verified (i2c,spi,uart,pwm)
  • hdmi working with v3 of vop2 series +reg-fix, but not merged to next2 tree yet

most complete support is here

Hdmi only in 5.16-next-hdmi