Question about Fluid height measurement using TF-LC02 sensor

i’m using TF-LC02 Lidar.
I am thinking of using this sensor to measure the height of cooking oil in a cooking oil container.

The sensor, which measured water well, but cooking oil does not seem to measure well.
There is also no error code and returns a value of 0x01 (Valid Value).
the ultimate goal is to measure the height of cooking oil

we are currently thinking of the following method.

  1. Find a sensor other than the TF-LC02 sensor.
  2. Calibrate the TF-LC02 sensor. (0x82 or 0x83)

First of all, we are reviewing method 2 to calibrate the sensor, but we are having difficulties because there is no detailed method or explanation.

Please give me any suggestions or advice on this.
thank you

Hi, first of all thank you very much for your feedback. The problem you describe is the first time we have encountered it, and we really have no experience to refer to. But technically speaking, the target you requested should be able to achieve, my side of the proposal is to see if there is a possibility that the equipment is too close to the wall of the cylinder to cause the light to hit the wall in advance.
If the problem has not been solved, you can take some photos or videos to us .
Looking forward to your reply

hello. Thank you for answer.
Yes, I thought it was possible to solve it, but when I actually measured it, it seems that there is an error in the measured value.
When the fluid was water, the measurement was very accurate within 5 mm, but when cooking oil was measured, the error exceeded 130 mm to 200 mm.
Under the same conditions, only the fluid was changed from water to cooking oil, but I don’t think this result came about because it hit the wall.
First of all, it’s unfortunate that there is no use case like this, but I’m trying to calibrate and use the sensor, and the description of the sensor is so clear that I want a detailed explanation.
Anyway thanks for your answer.
When the problem is solved, i will share the solution.

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The value fluctuates greatly depending on what the fluid is.
Therefore, if the purpose is to measure a specific fluid, please test with the actual fluid to be measured, not water.