Problems with the "NanoPi R5C" The network port light does not come on


I have been using several “NanoPi Neo 3” for some time. I am very satisfied with this products. I mainly use the “FriendlyWrt” system, so I have a lot of experience.

Since a few days I also have a “NanoPi R5C” with 4 GB RAM 32 GB eMMC without WIFI.
Unfortunately I can’t get the network interfaces to work. HDMI output works, processor works, eMMC memory works, USB interfaces work. The 5V voltage is okay. (power supply provides enough power) I’ve checked different systems. (FriendlyWrt 21.02, 22.03, Debian 11) Everywhere the same problem.

Are the images possibly only for the R5S on your website? Are the IMAGE-link’s correct for the R5C? The yellow LED on the network interface lights up, the green LED stays off. DHCP seems to work but all ports are closed.

I would be happy about a solution. A LINK to a working IMAGE would help me. I’m currently using the eMMC memory for the images, I haven’t tested SD images yet, theoretically there shouldn’t be any difference.

I solved my network problem. Except for the green LED on the network connector does not work.

There could be two reasons:

  1. not burn the correct firmware, please try to burn the correct firmware and then test it

  2. the LED is broken or other hardware reasons. If you are a technical engineer, you can try to test it by multimeter and try to fix it.

May I ask what your firmware is?