Power consumption very high

Hi. Monica told me to report this here.

So the X1 can consume much more than the PSU is rated for.

Idle nothing connected                                             9.3W
Idle with NVMe + mouse/keyboard                                    11.4W
Idle no NVMe 7" display + mouse/keyboard                           15.3W (display consumes about 4W)
Maxed out with NVMe + mouse/keyboard                               38.9W 
Maxed out USB3 to SATA SSD + Display + USB keyboard/mouse          46W !!! More than PSU is rated for

So using the 7" display + USB3 SATA SSD + mouse/keyboard and all cores maxed out it goes to 46W.
Measured between the plug and PSU.
Not even using an NVMe here.
So I would expect it to be more with NVMe. And then adding a SATA device over SATA ribbon would bring it above 50W.

I do think there is some loss from the PSU.
I don’t have anything to measure at the input of the board(barrel jack).
The boost clocks have a huge impact on power consumption.

Here a short video where I show this behaviour.

Should we use a 12V 5A PSU instead if using a lot of IO?


The data we tested is much lower than the data you tested,

may i ask Does it include the power consumption of the HDMI monitor?

the max output of our power adapter is 36W(12V3A),Why it can show the 45W on your tester?in the video i saw the power adapter is plug in your white tester,

This is the data we tested of the X1 power consume

Test conditions:

  • windows 10 pro on eMMC
  • mouse/keyboard
  • HDMI out to monitor
  • RTL8822CE module

No other peripherals,

The power supply is connected to a high-precision regulated power supply, and the values can be read directly

I am not powering the 13" display with it. That’s in another PSU.
Do know there is loss in converting 240V to 12V.
But it should not be this much.

I am powering : USB keyboard + mouse dongle. Wifi adapter. 7 " Display. USB3 to SATA SSD.

I am also maxing out all cores(at 2.6Ghz). That is something you don’t seem to be doing in your tests.

I use Blender to do this.
Blender is able to use 100% of all cores at the same time. So it’s a good stress test.

I could also have added NVMe and even a SATA disk over the SATA ribbon and then it would be even higher.

The difference between idle (11.4W) and maxed out (38.9W). This with NVMe + mouse/keyboard dongle only.
I added the USB3 SATA SSD + 7" display and got 46W.

I should see to buy a clamp voltage meter so I can measure the input on the 12V line.