Possible linux distro to install on banana m4

hey, i am using a banana m4.
i want to use a different os than my currnet one, ubuntu 18.04.
i actually wanted to install a lighter linux distro, possibly lubuntu 20.04 or linux mint.
i am having problems installing it.
those are usually .iso files and not .img files
on wiki bananapi m4 these operating systems are not suggested and i could not find instructions to
install those.
did anyone here ever do it/knows how to?
basically how to install a .iso os on the bananapi?

Hello Please check the linux system images supported by BPI M4.

If these do not meet your needs, you need to tailor or transplant the desired functions according to the source code.
For specific development, please refer to the wiki link.

Compile environment and source code, download link.