Possible LinkPi ENC1V3 hardware issue

I have a possible hardware issue with my encoder. All of a sudden, the 8090 port isn’t responding to requests. The device seems to function properly (meaning, i can get to the GUI, change parameters, etc), but the streaming port isn’t working at all I have tried a soft reset to defaults, with no success. If needed, I will try a hard reset additionally, but would like to avoid, unless it might help.

Thanks for posting Charles - this config was working for quite some time, but suddenly stopped, and can’t seem to get it back.

Streaming via HTTP is on

Resulting in a Stream URL with port 8090:

I’m trying to use this for streaming content from an HDMI device, which worked very well for a few months.

This appears to be due to setting the framerate to 59.94 - appears the device does not react well to the decimal, though there is no error when applying. I can reproduce this at will now