Only 8GB of eMMC used every time I flash it

I’ve used a couple of different eflasher versions including my own imagebuilder build to write an image to eMMC. However, no matter what I do, the write only uses 8GB of the 32GB.

There is no information what so ever to be found on how to solve this or why it’s happening.
Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Your question is:

  1. the system can only recognize up to 8GB of space?
  2. or does eflasher only modify 8GB of space?


It seems that eflasher doesn’t use all of the space on the storage, it only uses the amount it needs to flash the image.
I finally found a solution, which is to resize the OS after it’s running but it would be nicer if the eflesher handled this on its own. I have to imagine a lot of people do not even realize they are not able to use all of the storage when this happens.

You can refer to this. Looking forward to your sharing.

I did look at this page but didn’t see any options to use the entire storage.
Can you tell me which part specifically talks about this?