Minor problem on X1 SBC

I install Ubuntu latest version on my new X1 SBC everything works great it is fast… but the SBC is showing that it has 2 monitors - 1 - built in monitor and 2- my 24" koorui moniter… my 24" moniter is classed as the second screen so I am not able to do anything on the computer. Do you have a firmware upgrade for this fix, maybe I need to purchase an adapter and connect the creen to the built in interior plug to change settings and the use SBC as normal?

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You can disable this built-in display by 3 methods

  1. updating the BIOS firmware to disable the built-in display.
  2. adjusting the home screen output via the xrandr command.
  3. reinstalling Ubuntu’s desktop UI.

Update the bios firmware tutorial, choose a firmware version that matches your memory, NO MIPI:

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I was kinda careless when updating the firmware, I think I bricked it or something… because now the X1 does not boot at all not even to bios, just black screen.

Please contact the after-sales service.

What is there email?

HI. Contact after-sales staff from the store you buy.