LubanCat Zero - How to use software images!

I have acquired a couple of LubanCat devices a Zero N and a Zero W. All available documentation appears to be available in Chinese only. Firmware images are available but without documentation I’ve been unable to determine how to use them as I am unable to use balenaEtcher to create an bootable SD card with the images. If you’re not going to provide readable documentation it would be preferable to provide image software in the standard format that most other devices use!!!

Hi, is the information in here not enough for your needs?

Burn Instructions

You can see how to burn in via youtube video.

Please upload the compressed SDK package, currently the embedfire github is broken.

It is recommended that you still use github to sync the latest SDK.
Due to feedback from R&D staff github is in normal use.
Can you provide the steps and images of what is not working?

Instruction document.

This documentation appears to be available in Chinese only. This board is sold via Amazon US so I would expect there to be English documentation available! Also your link to instruction document appears to cover installing on the LubanCat 1 which has eMMC, the Zero boards only have microSD available so I would expect an appropriate image for an SD card.

Plz check the wiki.

There are no instructions outside of English at this stage, but by installing an online translation program such as google translate, deepl is simple to translate into English.