LinkPi ENC1-V2 - read only flash memory

We have been using several LinkPi ENC1-V2 units for about four months.
We cannot change the configuration of more than half of the units.
After a reboot, the web interface is no longer accessible.

On the console/ssh we see that the root filesystem is read-only from boot.
It seems to be a bad block on the flash card that puts the filesystem in this mode.

Here is the dmesg extract.
UBI: dumping 2048 bytes of data from PEB 1373, offset 0
UBI error: erase_worker: failed to erase PEB 1373, error -5
UBI error: erase_worker: no reserved/available physical erase blocks
UBI warning: ubi_ro_mode: switch to read-only mode

Does anyone know of a way to fix this error via the console (SSH)?

Thanks for any advice.

Recommended to replace with new version ENC1-V3

Thank you very much.

Correct, V3 does not have this problem. Unfortunately, after less than six months of use, we now have over 60 pieces of electronic scrap and several thousand euros of damage.

The only official response was an instruction manual on desoldering the chip. This is a pretty bad joke for the 60+ units we use worldwide.

We can only hope that nobody else has the idea to use LinkPi devices professionally. We will switch back to other manufacturers and advise our network not to use LinkPi.