Lidar LD19 Working Temperature

I am using Lidar LD 19 in my application, but I will plan to install it in an environment where the temperature in summer goes until 80 Celsius degrees. I read the datasheet and saw that the working temperature maximum is 40 Celsius degrees, whats the impact on the sensor if I am running the Lidar at this high temperature?

Data will be unstable and inaccurate. Product life is shortened.

It is recommended that you use heat dissipation measures.


Do you have another product that attend this working temperature demand, or another product that support more temperature than this LD19?

What do you recommend, if I using heat dissipation with cooler is better for the system? What is better method to dissipation?


There are no higher temperatures available.

What is the exact environment of the 80 degree Celsius application? Is the lidar exposed?


I am development a system that the lidar measure the volume inside the silo. Every hour the system start e collect the data during 3 minutes and after stop, in this case, the lidar running only 3 minutes every hour. I checked and the temperature inside the silo in summer reach 80 Celsius degrees. In my case that the system running for a short period, do you think that I will have problems?

If the product is installed directly into the application scenario.

The overall temperature of the environment it operates in is 80 degrees Celsius, and it doesn’t matter if it runs for a few minutesIt’s no longer a matter of running for a few minutes. Even if it only runs for a few minutes, the components are often exposed to high temperatures and can be easily damaged.

You have to bring it down to the recommended operating temperature.

Maybe you could consider this product.

If it is a handheld product, simply running it at 80 degrees for 3 minutes when needed requires you to take actual measurements. But it is still recommended to add active cooling depending on the product form factor.

Perfect, thanks for your informations, what’s type of cooling system do you recommend for this environment?


I adjusted my description because I thought it would be misleading.

I don’t have good advice about this heat dissipation option. Sorry about that.