Lidar LD-19 Python need plot for moving objects only

I used your sample python code to plot the objects.
Link : GitHub - halac123b/Visualize-data-from-Lidar-LD19_Matplotlib-Python

problem with the code is : It shows a lot of false positives as well. I am trying to look for moving objects (their distance and angle where they are) using python but when i do that using your code, it detects multiple non- moving objects as well. Is there a way to overcome it ? Would you happen to have a sample code in python that shows moving objects. Also, is there an already existing python lidar library i can use the LD19 with ?

Is this helpful?

No, This is not helpful.
I am specifically looking for python related solutions to reduce the non-moving objects seen on the plot.

I’m sorry. Misinterpreted you.

The odds are that there is no relevant library available to you.

This involves algorithmic processing.
You could try to improve the error handling by increasing radar redundancy or data weighted averaging, etc.