K510 crb-kit risc-v ai board


Kendryte K510 is the second-generation AI edge-side inference chip launched by Canaan, providing high-performance image and voice processing capabilities. It integrates the latest generation image processor ISP, supports TOF depth signal access.

K510-CORE is the core module, with a K510 chip onboard, which CPU adopts dual-core 64bit RISC-V architecture. K510 is equipped with the second-generation neural network processor KPU 2.0, using independent computing data-flow technology. Compared with the previous generation, it has improved computing power significantly while reducing power consumption. The onboard memory is 512MB LPDDR3@1600MHz. It supports two MIPI serial image inputs and one DVP parallel image input, and supports one MIPI image output.

K510 CRB-KIT is a developer kit based on the K510 chip. It adopts a hierarchical design and is based on the K510 core module.

Product Highlights

RISC-V architecture and full-featured AI SoC chip, coupled with onboard dual-core 64-bit RISC-V CPU provides strong computing power

Second-generation high-performance KPU that can support BF16 high-precision reasoning

TOF 3D visual development that can support up to three camera inputs

Ability to perform a variety of audio analysis and processing with the built-in 64-bit audio DSP

Rich peripheral interfaces to meet the needs of different products

Developed ecosystem and open source data that provides a variety of AI applications with regular updates