K510 CRB KIT Development Documentation

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The development documents of K510 are shown in the list below:

file name Document Summary
K510_CRB_V1.2_Hardware_Guide.md K510 CRB V1.2 Hardware Resource Documentation
K510_SDK_Build_and_Burn_Guide.md K510 SDK compilation and programming instructions
K510_System_memory_map.md K510 SDK system memory division instruction document
K510_SDK_Application_Guides.md K510 reference sample program documentation
K510_nncase_Developer_Guides.md K510 compiler usage documentation
K510_AI_Application_Guides.md k510 AI application deployment process description document
K510_U-Boot_Developer_Guides.md K510 SDK uboot documentation
K510_Linux_Kernel_Driver_Developer_Guides.md K510 SDK kernel documentation
K510_SDK_DSP_CORE_Guide.md K510 DSP Core User Manual
K510_V4l2_Developer_Guides.md K510 V4L2 application example description document
K510_V4l2_Sensor_Developer_Guides.md K510 sensor development documentation
K510_Drm_Developer_Guides.md K510 DRM API interface documentation
K510_Multimedia_Developer_Guides.md K510 Multimedia Application Example Documentation
K510_Mailbox_Developer_Guides.md K510 Multiprocessor Communication Documentation
K510_ISP_Tuning_Tool_Guides.md K510 ISP Tuning Tool Documentation Download

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