Inquiry Regarding Compatibility of Digital FPV Camera with Youyeetoo R1 Board's MIPI CSI Interface

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to inquire about the compatibility and connection process between your Youyeetoo R1 Board and a digital FPV camera, specifically one used on the DJI Air Unit, via MIPI CSI interface.

As an enthusiast in the field of DIY and FPV drones, I recently acquired a digital FPV camera for use in my projects. However, I’m encountering difficulties connecting the camera to the Youyeetoo R1 Board, which relies on a MIPI CSI interface.

The digital FPV camera is equipped with a 26-pin connector designed for FPV cameras, whereas the Youyeetoo R1 Board utilizes a MIPI CSI interface with a 30-pin connector.

I would appreciate your guidance on the following:

  1. Compatibility: Could you confirm if the digital FPV camera is compatible with MIPI CSI interfaces, particularly the one used in the Youyeetoo R1 Board?

  2. Adapter Solution: Do you offer or recommend any specific adapter or interface solution to facilitate the connection between the digital FPV camera’s 26-pin connector and the MIPI CSI interface of the Youyeetoo R1 Board’s 30-pin connector?

  3. Pinout and Wiring: If no adapter solution is available, could you provide details on the pinout of the digital FPV camera’s 26-pin connector, along with guidance on how to adapt it to the 30-pin MIPI CSI interface of the Youyeetoo R1 Board?

  4. Compatibility Testing: Have you conducted any compatibility testing or received feedback from users regarding the connection of the digital FPV camera to MIPI CSI interfaces, specifically the Youyeetoo R1 Board?

  5. Additional Resources: Are there any technical documents, guides, or community forums where I can find more information or assistance regarding this connection?

I am eager to integrate the digital FPV camera into my projects and would greatly appreciate any assistance or guidance you can provide in connecting it to the Youyeetoo R1 Board via MIPI CSI.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your response and to further exploring the capabilities of your products.

See how to use the MIPI CSI camera via our wiki.

Since I don’t know your camera situation, you can choose 26pin to 30pin adapter board according to our SCH.

We support MIPI-CSI camera links: