I'd like to know if I can use both 4g lte and WIFI?

I hope you’re doing well. Sorry to bother you but i’d like some information about the Youyeetoo x1. I’d like to know if I can use both 4g lte and WIFI. I mean using it as a router to give wifi access to other devices through my 4g lte sim. Im not an expert so I dont know if all the 4g lte and wifi/bt accesories can be mounted/used and work together.

Our M.2 interface can only be one or the other, but if you want to realize your function, you can choose this USB wifi or usb 4G LTE implementation.


Q: So I can use M2 for wifi/but and the square box for 4g, is that the way? Or vice versa?
A: Or vice versa?yes

If you don’t want to use an external USB port, consider buying this cable.



These two USB ports are USB 2.0

other Options:

use the M.2 socket M-Key 2280,
you need a “M.2 TO MiniPCIE” adapter board with SIM socket.

such like this,
then you can use the EC25 OR other MINIPCIE 4G LTE Module.

Hi, it’s me again with some more questions.
I’d like to use this board to record some videos as well and I’ve seen it has a microphone and a audio jack. My questions are, can I mute somehow the board mic so that I know when it’s active and when it isn’t?

And also, if I use a splitter on the audio jack, will I be able to use any mic/headset I want? Mic quality is really good baseline but I have a very decent microphone that I use now and I’d like to know if it’s compatable.

I’d like to use it as a Nas as well so I was thinking a m2 to 4 sata adapter. Will I be able to add multiple drivers with more than 2tb of total space or is it still limited by the 2tb you can get with normal m2?
Thank you guys for your time and have a nice day.

yes you can mute the MIC in the windows system or linux ubuntu, it just the same as how to do in your computer.

wether it support the headset it depend on what kind of splitter you used.
if your splitter support to use any mic/headset,it will OK .

the m2 socket is base on the PCIE3.0,if you extend to 4 SATA3.0 adapter,it will support more than 2TB drive(Theoretically no limit).