How to use YDLidar x4 in Arduino?

GitHub libraries do not recognize YDLidar x4

Refer to this documentation under GitHub:ydlidar_arduino/YDLIDAR ARDUINO.docx at master · YDLIDAR/ydlidar_arduino · GitHub

The arduino library is universal on all ydlidar lidar.

Once you have downloaded the SDK in full, you can try out the example:


In addition, you need to consider a number of other things:

  1. if the lidar has no feedback data, then you need to check its power supply and power it separately if necessary, not from the arduino.
  2. whether the wiring is correct.

If you want the community to give you more accurate help, please provide the wiring, the project code, the log output, and the phenomena.

Finally, does this X4 work well on WINDOWS?