How to use amigo

I got my amigo the other day.

I have been working through the website and instructions which are somewhat helpful.

I think this unit may have been returned and sent out again. All I get when I power it on is Welcome to MaixPy red screen. I have figured out how to load code and have loaded a few things but I am not getting very far because all the other code complains i need V3/V4. The video I watch on Amazon shows a user interface where you can take pictures and other features. How do I get that to load on my unit?

If i can figure this out I will do some videos in English for others. If not I will have to return it.

Please refer to this wiki.

This is the only screen I get. I guess this is the MaixPy firmware.

that is the message i get whe i try to install most GITHUB code. At the top it says to refer to this page which does not load (404) #refer to

Is there a Github repository with code for this MaixAmigo with code that runs on it?

Please try this.

So before I can use this product I need to update it using these very poorly translated documents in this WIKI!

Where do i find the exact software mentioned that will work on the MAIX Amigo? I think its one of these on this page: 下载站 - Sipeed

Where do I find a detailed process to do that upgrade (in english)?
Are there any videos in English showing how to do any of this?

Sorry about that

I think this user guide will help you

Please review this article carefully and contact us if you have any questions. Thank you.

Steps to get started:

  1. Download the required drivers and software
  2. Connect the development board to the computer and install the USB driver
  3. Update the latest firmware
  4. Download and open the latest MaixPy IDE
  5. Connect MaixPy IDE to the development board Run MaixPy sample program

Update the latest firmware:

Or Releases · sipeed/MaixPy · GitHub

And you can learn more detail in here:

maixpy__amigo.bin: especially for board amigo
This firmware named “Format Naming” would be the best choice for Amigo. However, you can also refer to the notes in the firmware naming guide provided above to select the firmware you would like to install.

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