How do I get the canMV K210 to connect to canMV IDE?

The device just has a white screen and the IDE says it can’t handshake no matter what I try.

What I tried was to use the “Kendryte K210 Face Detection Demo” from Developer Community (

I used kflash_gui with to load the kfpkg file, after that just a white screen and canMV IDE won’t connect anymore.

Is there a way to ‘factory reset’ somehow?

Thanks, John.

Hi John,

An official installation-free burn-in tool is available. via the onboard USB to serial port.
We open the MicroPython development kit companion material \ Development Tools \Windows\ Firmware Update Tool \ kflash_gui Catalog directory under kflash_gui.exe Burn the software.

You can download all the development material to see how to re-burn the firmware.

That did the trick. I put 14-CanMV-K210/MicroPython/03/01studio_20220929.bin in a kfpkg file then used kflash_gui and it loaded, and now canMV-IDE connects just fine.

Thanks, John.