Flashing NanoPi M4 eMMC

What is the procedure for writing a Friendly Desktop image to an eMMC card using the microsd to emmc adapter?

A:NanoPi M4 - FriendlyELEC WiKi

Flash Image to eMMC with eflasher and SD card

  • Get an 8G SDHC card and backup its data if necessary;
  • Download and extract the rk3399-eflasher-OSNAME-YYYYMMDD.img.zip and win32diskimager;
  • Run the win32diskimager utility under Windows as administrator. On the utility’s main window select your SD card’s drive, the wanted image file EFlasher and click on “write” to start flashing the SD card. Under Linux run “dd” to flash the rk3399-eflasher-OSNAME-YYYYMMDD.img file to your SD card;
  • Take out the SD and insert it to NanoPi-M4’s microSD card slot;
  • Power on NanoPi-M4 and it will be booted from your SD card and the EFlasher utility will be automatically launched. You can work with the EFlasher in multiple ways:

1: Connect an HDMI monitor and a USB mouse to your board and work with EFlasher’s GUI;
2: Connect your board to a LAN, login onto the board with SSH and type “eflasher” in a commandline utility and proceed with prompts;(Note: when you login with SSH the username is root and the password is fa. Your board’s IP address can be found by checking the router’s system)
3: Login onto your board via a serial terminal and type “eflasher” to proceed;
4: Connect a lcd2usb to NanoPi-M4, press the K1 button on the LCD2USB board to select your wanted OS and press the K2 button to confirm. The installation process will be shown on lcd2usb;

  • After installation is done turn off the board and take out the SD card from NanoPi-M4, power on the board and it will be booted from eMMC;