Error N100 Mini- ROS2

I am trying to connect the WHEELTEC N100 Mini to ROS2 Humble, I could already build the package, but when I run the launch file I get the following error:

  [ahrs_driver_node-1] [WARN] [1693343775.106502580] [ahrs_bringup]: head_type error: FE

With different head_type values, I do not know if you can help me with this error or if it is related to that I am using the mini version and the message change.

I am attaching a picture that shows the error.

From the information on your picture, it is a warning that can be ignored.

This warning is usually caused by the baud rate not corresponding to the output frequency or other packets are opened.

If you mind this warning, you can restore the factory settings and use N100 Mini again.

Btw, you can check the topics imu or euler_angles by echo command, if there is data stream output, it is normal.

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