[Encoder Decoder] How to quick start TinyENC1/ENC1/ENC1-V2/ENCSH

Now let’s introduce how to use linkpi video codecs TinyENC1 / ENC1 / ENC1-V2 / ENCSH simply and quickly. They have different performances, but the usage is basically the same.

Noted : The power supply mode of TinyENC1 can only choose 1 from 2, but it is also very convenient to supply power directly through USB.

Encoder CN wiki and Fireware
More detail you can reference to this EN gitbook.

Below we take ENCSH as an example.


  • ENCSH x1
  • 12V 2A DC Power x1
  • RJ45 network cable x1
  • HDMI cable x1
  • PC


  • router

Now let’s start.

  1. Make sure your computer IP is 192.168.1.XX. If not , please check how to set static IP through Google.

  2. Connect ENCSH and PC(or Router) with a network cable, then supply power to ENCSH. (As shown in the picture)

  3. Enter the IP address of the OLED screen in Google Chrome (the default IP address for all products is You can modify the default IP address of the product through settings or obtain an IP automatically through DHCP.

  4. Enter the default password.
    username: admin

  5. Now, we have successfully logged in.

Because I have connected the HDMI signal and enabled the HDMI preview, I can preview the HDMI input signal on the dashboard. Effects that need to be reserved can be added as needed. Support SDI, MIX, SRT and so on.

  1. Quick set HDMI singal.
    Encode settings

    Stream settings: Enable related protocols according to your needs

    You can use VLC to view the push flow.

  2. Multi-platform live broadcast

  1. Watermark settings

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