Driver for NU4000 (r132)

Hello, mi friends!
Where can I download driver for windows , and InuView program, sdk…many thanks to all

Please check C158 - Google 雲端硬碟

Thank you very much :pray:

Forgive me please, I have another question: Is there a program for android to connect the sensor to a smartphone for example?

No, you need to refer to the SDK for your own development. Or pay to provide custom requirements. Thanks

where can i find the SDK and can i have instructions, thanks!
Can I buy a program for scanning objects in 3d? Perhaps there are ready-made solutions for money? I will be grateful !

Are you already using the product R132?

Yes, i using R132 product

Hello again, if there are ready-made solutions, I am ready to purchase an application for my own needs. I am very grateful to the manufacturer of this sensor