Boot mode for the YY3568 ARM64 board

I need to know the details on how to boot the device. On the X1 version I use grub which is called from the bios. ARM boards don’t work the same way. Each has their own approach. I have used so far the RPI, Beaglebone, Beagleboards, Beagleplay, Odroid, Beagle riscv. I do not know how it loads the kernel on this one.

What needs to be in the vfat partition? does it support EFI like the rpi 64bit?

I have created a gentoo for several arm64, they are similar except for the kernel use and some firmware, that part is not a problem with me. I can write my own rootfs.

Please answer in English, French or some other latin language as I unfortunately cannot read Chinese yet.
I speak fluently French and English but can also read Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan.


Uboot loading kernel

RK development documentation, please note that the “CN” suffix of the document is Chinese.

RK boot process: uboot > linux kernel > rootfs

Notice in your other post that you need to use a 6 kernel, because RK doesn’t provide a 6 kernel, so you need to port this kernel yourself.

Gentoo’s root filesystem is also.